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Marriage & Relationship 


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Compelling discussions about challenging topics, thought-provoking perspectives, and relationship advice from our 10+ years of helping couples. 

WE DIDN’T MISS ANYTHING in this podcast. Our episodes tackle need-to-discuss issues that affects every single marriage. We are giving it to you real, raw, and unscripted.

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Topics we love to discuss

The toxic (& tough) dating scene
Sex, intimacy, affairs
A wife’s unique role, submission, helpmeet
A husband’s role, leadership, fatherhood
Work/life balance when married, finances
Faith, living as a believer in a modern world full of sin, walking in Christ

Our most popular episodes


Can a relationship or marriage survive after cheating? Why do people cheat? How can you tell if a cheater is truly sorry? How do you determine if you should stay or leave? How does cheating affect both parties involved? What should the betrayed person do now, and what should the unfaithful person do? 


How important is sex in your marriage? How do men and women view sex differently? What is the most COMMON fault for both men, and women, when it comes to not getting what they want in the bedroom?

What stops most people from initiating or engaging in sex? How we navigated our first year of marriage with one partner having a low sex drive, and the other having a high sex drive. Three questions you should ask your spouse, to move towards building a happier and healthier sex life for BOTH of you. And so much more!

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We invited  Melissa Morgan, a Psychiatric Nurse to discuss with us: mental health issues like anxiety, depression, and PTSD, how these things affect families and relationships, 
signs and symptoms that your significant other is experiencing poor mental health, drug and alcohol addiction, and much more! 

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